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The plant in ALL its glory!

Let’s talk about the plant the essentials

We all know the basics of plant growth right? Well do you know the importance and benefits of using ALL of the essential components of the plant?

No, we’re not going to give a botany lecture! We are going to tell you about the importance of using all the essential components that the plant produces. Full Spectrum!

“What is full spectrum?”

Full spectrum (just like it sounds) means NOT picking and choosing which component to use but using ALL of them! Yes every single wonderful therapeutic component!

Naturally occurring terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, and minerals are found in the hemp plant. Using all of these vital components which are ultimately found in the flower & sugar leaf, is used in our full spectrum products. This achieves the full potential therapeutic effect that the plant produces. This therapeutic value is called the entourage effect.

Homeostasis (in the human body) = Entourage Effect (plants)

Your body needs all its parts (systems) to work together (homeostasis) to live your best life. The plant needs all its parts as well to give you the best product! Makes sense right?

Let’s break it down

In our customized hydroponic system we’ve grown our plants to their full potential, meaning we’ve optimized all the essential naturally occurring components of the plant so as not to disrupt the balance of the plant. Just as the human body needs to use all of its components to achieve balance to work optimally (homeostasis), full spectrum means to use all of the plant’s components in order to achieve the full optimal therapeutic effect.

Our point is

Badger Grown’s full spectrum products enable them to aid in achieving that balance your body needs to function optimally. This natural way of addressing the obstacles (i.e. side effects, aches & pains,etc..) make it possible to give you relief to continue on your journey to your best life.

Next: Let’s talk about endocannabinoids and how they work in the body so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Hint: it’s not a chemistry lecture either!

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