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Knowledge is Key

Welcome to our blog! We're excited to share things from the world of hemp, with each blog touching on a different aspect.

Today we want to talk about knowing what you are buying. So yes, we all know to read the label and look at the ingredients no matter what you consume.

But what about

  • Where does the product come from?

  • How & where is the product grown?

  • Where is it processed?

  • Who packages it?

Starting from the Seed

Badger Grown starts its process from the seed. Yes, the seed. We maintain the plant all the way through the growing process. So we control exactly what the plant is fed, how much it is fed, how much light it receives each day, and how well it is growing! This process is not only precisely controlled, but also personally maintained by us every single day.


After the grow process is complete, we begin the harvest and curing process right here at our facility. This is a labor of love and begins early in the morning to late in the evening.

Extraction & Packaging

Next we process the plant to get it ready for extraction. We do the processing with our own equipment. Processing is extremely vital to the final product and therefore we do NOT source it out as we want to ensure it is done correctly and with the best technique. Once the product is extracted, it is formulated with the highest quality ingredients that we have personally formulated and tried.

This personalized process is very important to us as we take pride in our product knowing we personally made the product from seed to shelf. Therefore standing behind our product comes from a place of integrity as we never have to wonder if the product was compromised at any stage of growing, processing, or packaging.

- So now that you know where our product comes from we will begin to tell you about each stage of the process.

We would love to hear from you! Lets talk!

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