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Ok, let’s talk hydroponics! So you ask yourself...

“What is it and why do I care?”

What is it hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, instead they are grown in a solution of mineral nutrients in water. Put simply:

Water + Oxygen + Nutrients = Hydroponics


“Why does it matter what it is grown in?”

Growing in a hydroponic system allows the roots to come in direct contact with only the nutrients and NOT the toxins, sediments, and contaminates. The roots don’t have to search around in the soil for its food among all the undesired substances!

Oxygen is vital to you and me right?

Vital to hemp too! More oxygen = optimal growth. Growing in water gives the plant maximum access to oxygen and therefore making a healthier plant.


A subset of hydroponics is Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC). So, you have water, oxygen, and nutrients...now suspend the plant in the hydroponic system with air pumps to oxygenate the nutrient solution and the plant gets continual nutrient absorption.

Control of how and what the hemp plant absorbs allows you to control the variables and therefore optimal growth is achieved.

Badger Grown’s Unique Approach

Badger grown has developed its own customized hydroponic system to achieve all this! We've taken the standard RDWC system and added some of our personal touches. Most importantly, the horizontal trellis to maximize plant growth. With this addition, our growing method goes from RDWC to Horizontal Recirculating Deep Water Culture (HRDWC).

So, with all the information out there and all the products flooding the market how do you pick one? We want to give you the information that is vital so you can pick a product that gives you the chance to live your best life using a product that is grown to do so!

Next: Let’s talk about the hemp plant itself.

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